Mapping it Out

map-moth001 "Mapping it Out" is in progress...

I took a mini vacation last weekend and ran away from home. I almost didn't go because I was feeling so overwhelmed, and the weather was finally sunny, and I felt like I should stay home and garden and take care of house stuff.

I'm so glad I went. Most of it was spent here, both Saturday and Sunday, where I talked with as many people as I possibly could, and sat in the sunshine listening to laughter and conversation. Making "friends" online feels very strange to me, it felt good to talk in person and know that, indeed, these are friends.... Then I was able to hole up in my wonderful motel room, complete with back deck, read and relax.

The motel owner frantically waved me over one afternoon when I pulled into the parking lot. A huge cecropia moth  was creeping along, slowly moving it's wings around, stretching... we started to move it out of the sun and with a burst of energy it lifted up and flew across the lawn, and we both shrieked loudly and happily! What a gift. I sketched a small version for the owner and left it when I departed.


I've been home for 3 days and to be honest I am ready to map out another trip! I'm going to be in my first craft fair selling cards and prints in a few weeks, and I'm scrambling to pull together what I want to present, how to set up my display, and realizing I need a receipt book, ha ha -- this is going to be an adventure!