But what are you going to do with it?

ladybug-snail It's been interesting over the last year, getting in the groove with "doing" art again. I make myself laugh, which is a good thing, and other people laugh as well, which is even better... I'm enjoying experimenting with paints and inks, and recently have gotten a kick  out of actually having to replenish my card supply in the local bookstore.

I don't know how I feel yet about trying to answer people when they ask "So, what are you going to do with your art?"... I usually self-consciously laugh, and say, well, I am doing something with it... I make it. I share it online. But Anxious Me starts mumbling about my not being a "real" artist, about not having a voice or direction, about not working large enough, or deep enough or... well... all that garbage conversation that a few of us have with ourselves.

I don't intend to try and make a living off of it, in fact, part of me hates to have any focus on "oh, that would sell!"... but I like the idea of being able to cover my art supplies by producing saleable items. I like making people smile, and maybe they start looking closer at nature around them, having conversations with insects, or wondering what swear words hummingbirds use when defending their feeders.

All that being said, I am looking into selling cards and prints here. I suspect it would mean setting up a PayPal account, and I need to come to peace with the state sales tax paperwork annoyance. My time is precious to me, and I dread having to spend more hours keeping track of expenses, figuring out shipping, and trying to keep an eye on how a new income will affect my budget (oy, health insurance, why must you be so complex for the self-employed) so I'm not fully committed yet... but getting close...