Things I Learned from a Blind Dog

One more post about Lyttle. He went completely blind about 2 years ago, shortly after coming to live with us, after my friend that owned him passed away. I had promised her I would care for him (there was never any question! I had dog-sat for her for many years, and Lyttle and I understood and loved one another) and we had both assumed that he might not linger long after her. He instead seemed to know that I would need him around for a while. I realize now that he was transitioning me through some years of change and growth, that he was a consistent measure of my days, and warmed me while he slept on my lap in the evenings.

I wrote this list last night while thinking about what a character he was, and what I learned from living with him these past years.

We always hoped that when he smiled while sleeping it was because he could see in his dreams.


I started posting photos on Facebook of all his "screw it, close enough" moments, usually around his almost making it to his bed before falling asleep. Oh, he's missed.