Things to do in Denver when you're... whaaaaat?

Denver! Yes, the porcupine and I took a whirlwind trip to Denver last week, returning to Vermont yesterday… with snow on the ground and a chill in the air, and feeling pretty blessed to be back in this little town. I’m definitely feeling more clear-headed than I have in a while, and had no altitude sickness or jet-lag despite reading all about that before getting on the plane last Wednesday.

We had our usual odd interactions around food and service in restaurants… having to get water pitchers for ourselves, giving up on waiting for a bill and just guessing at what we owed and leaving cash and walking out (telling the hostess what we did and her saying “okay”)… and a myriad of other things leaving us wondering if we just suck the competency out of everyone around us.

By far one of the oddest things we decided to do was a book some time in a sensory deprivation tank. I chose the one that was more like a large bathtub with high ceilings, leaving the porcupine with the “pod” (I was afraid of becoming claustrophobic)… you basically lay in briny water, which supports you, floating, at body temperature — while the room is completely dark. The kind of dark that makes it difficult to tell if your eyes are opened or closed. There are times when you have no sense of where you are, no sense of up or down. Then I discovered that if you gently pushed off of one the walls you could slowly ping-pong yourself around the tank. I think I had more fun in it than you are supposed to, because instead of walking into the waiting room looking completely zen’d out, I proceeded to babble to the friend who was picking us up about how silly it was and how it revved me up — the front desk person didn’t look amused.

It was a fantastic get-away, and I met some great folks (as the porcupine says, I seem to make best friends everywhere I go…) the Denver native who is a political activist who, by the end of the plane ride, welcomed us to visit them, the Chicago woman who was also returning from Denver that I swapped hotel tales with, the cashier at Macy’s who I giggled and swapped thrift store stories with, and the nice men who both offered to swap seats so that the porcupine and I could sit together. Good people, they are out there.

And now I’m back to my cozy little place, the woodstove throwing out some good heat, the car needing to be shoveled out, snow tires go on tomorrow… catching up on work, and catching up with friends and family… I hope you are all well out there, and manage to reboot your system at some point, however that looks…

Hey... it's my Birthday!

As usual, it feels like life is charging ahead, whether I want it to or not! Usually I take some quiet time to reflect on the past year, and put together a reckoning, see if I am in the red or not with my expectations…. but… no quiet time these days! I’ll just accept where I am at, and that everything is fine, and take a deep breath and jump into being 47 with all the gusto I can! Go out and have fun everyone, it’s my birthday :-)


Priorities and Checklists

I feel like I lost momentum with this blog… every day it seems like I fly off in a different direction, and end up with several half-finished projects. Today I spent a little more time making a thoughtful To-Do List, and happily, I seem to have most of it done!

My car is having body work done, so I’ve been carless since last Wednesday. I managed to drag my laundry to the laundromat this morning, muttering the whole way. Something along the lines of “Yay! So grateful to live with walking distance!” with a little bit of self-pity thrown in, since it would have been ridiculous to ask someone to drive me to it.

I also tackled inventorying my cards, and adding a few more to the Shop AND dropping some off at Whistle Emporium here in Hardwick (I’ve been in town since May and hadn’t bothered to check to see how my stock was holding up… she was down to 3 cards. Whoops.)

What else? Winter is on the way. I’ve had a fire in the stove a few times now (90 degrees in the living room, 50 degrees in the rest of the place)… and the kayak is safely stashed in the wood shed. When I paid my electric bill this week the woman at the counter was so excited about snow since she loves to ski. I tried to act excited with her but think I failed.

Last framed painting...

The weekend at the Bedlam Farm Open House was lovely, a mix of old friends and meeting new people, laughter and serious discussion, and of course dogs and sheep :-) I also sold most of my original paintings, but came home with “Crow Knows” and thought I would put it up here for sale, in case anyone needed some Crow in their life! It can be found in my Shop along with my notecards. I’m still adding some of my older designs, so if there is one you are looking for, and you don’t see it, drop me a note!


Road Trip!

This weekend I will be heading to Cambridge, NY to the Bedlam Farm Open House — I’ve done this for a couple of years, but now I will have some original paintings and cards for sale there (Thank you, Maria!) So if you need an excuse for a road trip and enjoying some leaf peeping, check out what all will be happening:

 photo by maria wulf in her studio

photo by maria wulf in her studio

Learning Curves can bite my . . . well . . .

Slowly, ever so slowly, things are coming together here. The SHOP is open! I will be adding some more notecards during the week, and hope to have a place for originals and prints for sale as well.

In the header above you’ll see an ABOUT page and a CONTACT form, feel free to reach out to me with any questions about self-publishing your book, or questions about art :-) or just to say hi!

The last piece of the puzzle will be figuring out the RSS feed and how best to update everyone when there is a new post (if they want to be updated that is!). . . I had a glitch this past weekend so apologies to anyone who received a weird email from MailChimp.

This upcoming weekend I’ll be at the Bedlam Farm Open House (click through to Full Moon Fiber Arts!) in Cambridge, NY — along with some original art and notecards for sale! If you are in the area, you should check it out. Good people, sheep, dogs, donkeys, art, what’s not to like?

Hello? Anyone out there?


It shouldn’t be too obvious to my readers, but this blog is now being hosted on Squarespace… which means that soon, I’ll have my shop open and stocked with cards, complete with a shopping cart for easier mixing and matching of designs! I’d love to hear from folks, especially if you were following me on Wordpress, to find out if you are still receiving updates…. PHEW! Repeat after me “change is good”… quickly followed by “ohmygod I hate learning curves…” :-) Carry on with your weekend…