Happy Winter Solstice!

21 The shortest day of the year. Even though most of winter still is ahead of us, the number of (potential) hours of sunlight will be increasing. I'll take it!

Today's Advent calendar day is the first one where I really paid attention to how many days are left until Christmas. Fewer than I thought. Huh.

Holiday checklist has been thrown out the window. Work deadlines are looming.

I accomplished almost all of my pre-Christmas goals, and now have proceeded to eat any and all leftover chocolate, been over-caffeinated 3 days in a row, and still haven't decorated the tree with anything but lights. Or made the cookies that I have the ingredients for. Although I may have made a serious dent in the Hershey Kisses and peanut butter (a webcam in our kitchen may have shown me with spoon in one hand and peanut butter jar in the other, staring out the window while surrounded by little pieces of foil) (luckily we don't have a webcam) (that I know of) (oh dear).

I think I am scaring strangers with my slightly hysterical "Happy Holidays" that I screech whenever someone says Hello.

My favorite massage person isn't taking clients until January 4th. After a long pause on the phone yesterday, during which I was very happy that we weren't video chatting (due to the horrified expression on my face), I managed to wish her a Good Christmas and I would see her sometime in 2017. Then I promptly when shopping for Advil and wine.

Can you tell I am starting to unravel a little?