Because it wouldn't be right to not include Deranged Hummingbird

22 The moment I sketched up a rather deranged looking hummingbird that visited our feeder this past spring, I knew that the time was right to get back into my art.


Of course he had to be added to the advent calendar, even though I know he is on a sunny beach somewhere drinking sangria or some other fruity concoction... jerk...


Seeing him pop up on the calendar (I knew he was there somewhere!) is pretty inspiring for me. If I hadn't done that little doodle I don't think I would have started doing my morning sketches, or gone on a few of my extra adventures this summer. I wouldn't have created my holiday cards, or put them up for sale, or done this advent calendar. I wouldn't be dreaming and scheming about what I want to do next year. So thanks little guy, for hanging out at our feeder this summer.