Tuesday the 20th!

20 Hmmmmmm.... I'm sensing a theme over the last few days... I guess when I was selecting images for these last few days I knew I was going to need some reminders!

This time of year is one of my busiest workwise. For one client it involves a large, fast-turnaround project... for another client it's the beginning of the busy season that runs until June, and another client is always consistent, but has deadlines that I now need to start juggling with the first two. Plus I am always looking for new clients, which requires getting to know one another, and developing a work flow that benefits everyone.

I used to laugh at Self-Employment Hints and Tips: time-management tools, reminders to take time for yourself, how to set realistic deadlines and communicate them with your client... Now I am trying to remember everything I have read or been told over the years! The biggest thing is remembering that I am of no use to anyone if I am burnt out. I'm not great at it yet, but I am practicing reminding myself to slow down, pay attention, and stay in communication.

Another big one for me is to ease up on Recreational Computer Use. When I am working on my laptop 8 or 9 hours a day I need to step away in the evening, no matter if I am behind on reading my favorite blogs, or still figuring out Instagram (really, why? I don't understand it), or checking the weather forecast for the hundredth time...  It's not good for my eyes, my brain, or my neck.

But I'll get into my winter rhythm. Obviously my Reminder to myself, and you, is Be Gentle with Yourself, the world isn't going to end (probably) if you put things off, or slow down, or simply say No to something that is going to push you over the edge. And you aren't any use to yourself or anyone if you fall off the cliff.