Still moving through it

It’s Friday, and feels like a true TGIF moment even though I’ll be doing some book work this weekend. This time a week ago I was walking home from a massage (still trying absolutely anything to get some back relief—and yes, I have an appointment with a chiropractor next week as well as seeing my PT person!)…The massage was with one of my favorite people, and I felt like the maybe the tide was turning as I left her office… but as I walked home the tears slowly came on for no apparent reason, and by the time I turned the key in my apartment I wanted nothing more than to close the curtains and crawl into bed (which I did). And I stayed there for most of the weekend.

Fast forward to today. I met a friend (who is also a client) for breakfast to get caught up on our lives, and then she and I settled in to work on her latest book. Then I worked some more for another client, and then the little doubts and gloom started bumping around in my brain. I’m trying CBD oil (see “trying absolutely anything” above) so I took a dose of that (it helps with aches and anxiety? Sure, why not.) and then reached out to a friend for a short walk. Then back to work, and a reward of spending some time making these new panels.

I still have the whole evening ahead of me, and to be honest, I feel anxious. I feel like I am just crossing into health brain activity, but given a little nudge I would be going back to bed, well, right now. I’m not going to. I’ve made a little to-do list of mindless household chores I’ve let slide, just for moments like this. I’ll see the Porcupine later, and keeping on trucking.