New and Shiny!

A friend of mine has been raving about an app called "Procreate" (nothing to do with having children, although it has spawned several jokes along those lines)... $9.99 and would work on my older ipad... It's a drawing app, and I watched a few videos (it takes time lapse photos while you are working!) and decided I needed something bright and shiny to play with. I have an old chunky stylus and several middle-aged fingers (plus my ipad is too old to use the fancy Apple Pencil with, even if I felt like splurging) so I jumped right in... and oh, yes, this is chasing away the winter blahs!


I've also been watching videos about character development for childrens books, and learning to draw environments... one of the suggestions is to work with 3 adjectives that describe yourself and work up a character comp which is based on that... So, yeah, you might be seeing a lot of ME on here the next month or so!