Warmth, Flooding, Freezing

It's been an interesting few days around here weather-wise... the temperatures soared to 48°F, it rained, things melted... and our little stream began to rage. This morning we awoke to 2" of snow and the news that our town's grocery store, post office, and library were flooded, and the main road through town was closed. The field where I walk is flooded, similar to how it looks in late March. Tonight we are rapidly descending to -14° according the NOAA weather forecast. We're staying off the roads, and have plenty to keep busy with. Buckets and jugs are filled with water in case we lose power. I made banana bread and pumpkin butter, and hauled in enough wood to keep us cozy(ish) during this upcoming cold snap. The birds are mobbing the feeder, and the woodpeckers seem satisfied with the homemade suet I put out. All is well enough in our little corner of the world, hope it is with you, too... streamculvertfinch