Stella vs Gertrude

Winter Storm Stella is upon us. It's about 9:30 a.m. and the flakes started falling about an hour ago. Storm prep started yesterday and ended this morning with a final load of wood coming in the house, the bird feeders topped off, car moved to a strategic spot in the driveway (in other words, out of the way of the first and second anticipated plowing, especially since I got the car stuck trying to move it in one of our recent storms. Oops.)... This is Gertrude the Third, our decoy turkey. The first two turkeys succumbed over the past  years to high wind, but G the 3rd is standing strong so far, and we've had some wicked gusts this year. You can only explain to your neighbor so many times that you are poking around the ditch looking for your turkey that blew away before you decide it's time to lock this stuff down.

She's about 20 inches tall at the top of her head. We'll see if the forecasters were right about the amount of snow we are going to get...


Also M is for Millipede! How could I forget! We had a plague of these a few years ago. Very disturbing. I didn't quite understand how all their segments worked, so this came out a little wonky... I'll give him a shot again at some point  :-)