L is for Luna Moth

It's barely above zero degrees here in Vermont, with a wicked wind that is shaking the house. March is definitely In Like a Lion and I am so hopeful that it will live up to that saying and head out like a Lamb. I had Big Plans for the afternoon and doing something in town but I'm clutching my cozy sweater a little tighter every time with wind gusts. I've got to start being more consistent with image quality when I post online. Most of these I just take a photo with my old iPad and move on. I guess when I finish the alphabet I'll go through and actually scan them.

This morning I settled in to work on L is Luna Moth. No matter whether I like the way it comes together or not, I laugh to myself when I finally add the eyes. They are the last part, and I give a lot of thought about where to add the highlight, and how to shape them, because for me this is where I really get to know them, who do I think this one insect is? I read that Luna Moths, in the moth stage, only live one week and have no mouth. That feels so tragic for such a beautiful creature! When I finished her she just felt really innocent and precious.