Counting Down to Spring

I was trying to find another online art challenge to do, but didn't see anything that interested me... Yesterday I was doodling around and had another ant show up: image

And I thought about how I always wanted to make my own set of animal medicine cards (like the ones by Jamie Sams)... so why not start by going through the alphabet and working with an insect and it's particulars? I'm doing it the same way as the last challenge, no erasing, and a (flexible) time limit. These are small, 2-3 inches. Plus, it'll take me well into March, and then it's pretty much Spring and Life will be Wonderful again.

Ant is about patience, and planning ahead, and using your strength in a group. Time and effort pay off.

Tonight I chose Bumblebee:


Bumblebee is about productivity, and staying focused, but also to  follow your own rhythm. And good fortune, joy, and harmony!

I'm going to try and not look up meanings before choosing a critter, more fun that way, I think...