Today was amazing. Over 40 degrees, with plenty of snow and blue sky... I finally strapped on my snowshoes and headed out into the field. pano

This is my view after about 20 minutes of stomping around in the snow.


Around the field were these holes and piles of snow, coyotes digging up... mice? Shrews? It was neat seeing them scattered around.


I found 2 of these, but I haven't looked up what they are yet. I stopped and chatted with them about how nice the sun felt!


I finally made it to the river. I always picture animals meeting at the same time when I see paths cross like this. Like, "oh, hey, how's winter treating ya?"


Then I headed home along a smaller stream... paused to admire the snow banks... and noticed what looked like a stump sticking up out of the water... but it moved! A mink! I had spied him once before, and was dismayed that I had forgotten my camera, but this time, HOORAY! We sat and looked at each other for about five minutes. Very special and much needed.