Art Challenges

30-day I don't think I have ever completed an Art Challenge (this includes most of my projects while in college. Ugh.). I tried a Sketchbook Challenge, a 365-day inchie challenge, Art Card challenges... etc. So when someone on Facebook posted a link to a 30-day Art Marks Challenge I scrolled by. And then went back. And then scrolled again. Went back. Clicked through and thought, huh, maybe this will help jump start daily sketches again.

I forgot about it until today, so now I am officially a day behind, which is about right. Then I chatted my Mom to remind her (since she said she would do it as well), saying "I guess today we start with petal-like marks" and she replied "we?"... so the whole apple/tree theory is true.

We regrouped and agreed to give it a shot, and do 2 prompts in one day so we can catch up (why do I think we are setting a precedent here?). I'm going to use my 2016 pocket calendar that didn't get used much, and try out my gouache paints and a white gel pen.

You're supposed to set a time limit, I chose 15 minutes since it's a small book (open and flat the spread is 7" x 5"). So... is gouache supposed to smell? Mine does. I'm used to watercolor which seems odorless compared to this. Also, I went a little heavy and it's taking forever to dry. Now I know why I see people using hair dryers on their work.

Because I am who I am I had to start with a spread annoucing what the challenge is. I already hear the sound of doom signaling that I won't make it 30 days. I think it took more than 15 minutes. Drying time shouldn't count... right?

Day one prompt was "petal-like"... this was fun... I like how this paint layers up and then you can draw on it.


Day two prompt was "needlework" and about half-way through I remembered why I stop doing challenges. I feel like I should just plow through whether I like it or not, and sometimes that aggravates me. No cheating this time. I was thinking about crewel needlework, and when I was learning embroidery stitches, and then I started thinking about hand-stitching when you patch clothing... and basically everything started turning brown, and the paint was too wet for my gel pen. This 15 minute timer thing is going to be my undoing.


At least I am caught up now.