Do you have a library card?

I love libraries. I am possibly biased since I spent a lot of time while growing up in a college library where my Mom worked. I helped shelve books, sort the card catalog, and on school snow days would wander the stacks (or be quarantined in a study room with my best friend). I used to know my way around the Dewey Decimal system fairly well, and would study folio books from the bottom shelves while sprawled on the floor. At one point in my life I think I had 4 library cards. I am down to two now, and I love both my local libraries equally (and appreciate that they bear with me when I occasionally return the wrong book to the wrong drop box).

So, when I posted Baggage a week or so ago, and an online friend wrote that she was writing a post about baggage as well, for her library, and asked to borrow my hobo spider to go along with it, I couldn't have been more pleased. It got me thinking that I'd really like to do something fun for my libraries, so I'm looking up ALA "events" like Banned Book Week, that I can illustrate and make some bookmarks to go out to patrons.

This guy is from August of last year... it hung out near the garden for a while, and I loved imagining what he'd get up to on rainy days...