What I am looking forward to in 2017


All the potential Bad Stuff that could happen in 2017 pops up on my Facebook feed, headlines in the news, is on my radio station, and talked about in almost every conversation I have. I have no trouble imagining it.

Today I made sure I sat down after a nice winter walk, and doodled this while thinking about all the Nice Stuff that I am planning on in 2017. I'm going to kayak (a lot). I'm going to try to get back in to hiking (a little). I'm going to expand the flower garden (as much as my back can handle). I'm going to see my family. And my friends. I'm going to keep learning about what I want to do with my creative spirit. I'll probably drink too much a few times, probably eat too much more often than that.

None of these are resolutions. They are just things that I  know are going to happen, things that make me happy. And while that is very Microcosm of me... well... it is. I know that in 2017 I am going to do things that make me happy, and by doing that I will be able to be at my best in helping make my Macrocosm (that doesn't look like a word) a little better.

I'm also excited to continue my hand at blogging in 2017, these past few months have been a trial run and so far so good. (Although that was really a trial by fire posting every day for 25 days in a row.) (I totally deserve some blogger award for doing that.)

I hope anyone reading this has a safe and blessed New Year's Eve, whether you are out socializing, staying home, sleeping through it, or any combination thereof. Tomorrow is a new year no matter how you see it in (or don't)...

Oh, and you know I have already started my to-do list for 01/01/2017.