What I am really learning about being self-employed

cardinal-sketch-1500px 2016 was the first year from start to finish of my being wholly self-employed. I finally started taking some Self-Employment Tips and Tricks to heart, and even try to use a time-management method called the Pomodoro Technique. I downloaded a timer called Tomighty that runs on my laptop and, when I remember to use it, is pretty helpful.

I've mostly been working from home instead of the office over the last few weeks, which on the one hand is great, but on the other hand has required a set of Rules that I haven't explicitly found anywhere online.

  1. No Bailey's in the coffee. I mean it.
  2. Don't lie down "for a minute." Ever.
  3.  Move all paper and drawing implements into another room.
  4. Stop. Eating. Chex. Mix.
  5. Seriously. Stop eating it.
  6. Don't eat the chocolate caramels either.
  7. Don't start bird-watching. That leads to bird-photo-taking, which leads to bird sketching, which brings us back to #3.
  8. Brush your teeth.
  9. Don't binge watch Ink-Master while working.
  10. Facebook Chat... now is not the time to organize your stickers.

There goes the buzzer... time to get back to work...