Shine On! Happy December 16th...

16 Happy Friday! Enter: the last weekend before Christmas! How's the checklist? Hmmmmm... still only lights on the tree... Almost all the cards are mailed, as well as all the packages that had to be shipped... rum balls made and distributed... I've let go of a few things that had me running around like a crazy person last year, and it feels GOOD.

I love lightning bugs in the summer evenings. I wish that somehow they were a year-round critter. Can't you picture them flying around outside right now flashing some festive green and red and blue and gold?  I remember when I learned that the females hang out on the ground and flash in response to the males flying around... over the years I have logged hours upon hours sitting outside with a small flashlight, trying to mimic them in order to gather lightning bugs around me. Disturbing nature, one of my many talents.

So, as we steamroll through the holidays and straight into 2017, and all the trials and tribulations it's going to hold, remember: keep shining!