Happy December 15th!

15 I usually scoff at Gratitude Journals, or meetings that begin with everyone saying what they are grateful for that day... I mean, sure, once in a while it's a good thing to nod your head wisely and be grateful for Your Life, but I get a little sarcastic when it becomes a daily endeavor. It also gets silly. Or maybe that's just me. All I am going to admit is that there were a few meetings where my goal was to state the most trite thing possible to be grateful for. I stopped being requested for those committee meetings after a while. There's something to be grateful for.

HOWEVER... since I am the one that put this calendar together I obviously thought this would be a good day to be reminded of JOY and where we all find it.

I find Joy in discovering little creatures outside, as well as mosses and pebbles and flowers. I find Joy in my first cup of coffee in the morning, when I am still border-line groggy and grouchy and I can just curl up in my chair and sulk until I wake up. I find Joy when my old dog is sprawled in front of the warm wood stove with a smile on his face and I know he ended up in the best home possible for him. I find Joy when emails cross each other in the world wide web between me and the ones I love at the exact, unplanned time.

So today, with no sarcasm, I wish you all JOY, wherever and however you find it!