Chickadee-dee-dee-december 9th!

09 Who doesn't love chickadees?! Although until we put the feeders out (December 1st) I felt under attack by these little guys. Every time I went outside they started zooming around yelling their fool heads off. Now I am the one yelling at them "Hey! You! Why don't you go scare that squirrel off the feeder! He's eating YOUR seed!" But they don't really pay any attention.

Let's see. Holiday list... today I have some cards and two small packages ready to mail! AND dropping off some holiday cards for sale at the local book store (very exciting!)... and this weekend will involve cleaning out a space for the tree, hooray! And then working on one last card design that I'll finish for next week... phew...oh yeah, and work! Right. Work.  Heh.