Not being holier-than-thou... December 8th

08 I've been thinking about my writing on here, and how easy it is to appear like a benevolent, creative, gentle, soul... who only shops local, heats with firewood, cares for an aged dog... someone who gives to all the correct causes, and is always kind and generous. I asked my Mom if I sounded trite or pompous... and she said, I sounded like I was figuring things out.

Good answer, Mom!

I think it's just as easy to be holier-than-thou online as it is to be a bully. And I have a bad reaction to people that I think sound like they are Living the Good Life, and Only the Good Life. You know, the ones whose photos only show the clean side of the room, post "I signed this petition" statuses repeatedly on Facebook, and post recipes using organic wheat and homemade cheese. You know what? I bet they still eat M&Ms once in a while (sidenote: OMG have you tried the coffee nut M&Ms? I give you permission to go buy a bag and eat them. It's good for the soul). So this is my reality check day, complete with my darling little lady bug balancing her halo.

I ordered from Amazon yesterday. A few things. I called around the area and no one carried what I was looking for, and the one place that did charged almost double and would have been a 45 minute one-way drive. I'm printing my cards on white cardstock, which surely must have been bleached to be so stark and crisp and clean. I'm currently using a medication for a virus I could probably fight with just a homeopathic (which I am also taking)... but it would probably linger for a month or so, and might show up again shortly thereafter. My "office/studio/spare bedroom" is in a state of chaos, including an overflowing trash can that probably has things that could be recycled in it. We have back-up gas heat that is set around 62, so I really don't have to worry about Bad Things happening if the fire goes out at night. It's true that I care for an aged dog. No reality check there. (Except I sometimes tease him. And he's blind. I bet I don't get a halo for doing that.)

There we have it. Living the "I'm Trying My Best to Keep Everything Balanced" Life. And you know what? I still think I could rock a halo.