The Good Moments

The days are getting better and better. I’m still not entirely sure what brought me down so low this time. After 2 visits to the chiropractor (and a third later this week!) I will say that I hadn’t realized how much physical pain I had been carrying this summer. I guess this is true of mental and emotional pain as well — you don’t realize how bad it is until you suddenly have some relief. We are hoping a total of 6 sessions will pull me back into some sort of functionality without pain… and then perhaps another 6 to actually get my body into a daily groove.

I also think I’ve been low level depressed since winter of 2017-18, but have had so many distractions that I hadn’t actually paid any attention to it. And then there are brain chemicals and hormones as well… so yeah, a perfect storm.

But, I am accepting more of the Good Stuff that happens in my days, and I am starting to process a few of the thoughts that have just been banging around chaotically in my brain for the last few months… sorting out thoughts that are relevant and actually need to be addressed versus thoughts that were just Bad Thoughts that now can be thrown away. Throwing away the Bad Thoughts seems critical at this point, because I have noticed that Depression wrecks havoc with my memory. I need all the extra focus and space that I can get!

Onwards, and thanks again to everyone who reached out while I’ve been sharing this, I hope you all have people checking on you as well. ❤️