Hiding in the Flowers

I don’t know if it’s the looming end of summer, the national news, or just general synchronized stress, but there is an anxious feeling in the air. I’m checking in more regularly with some folks, to make sure they are doing okay, and checking in with myself as well. The other day I was doing a little weeding in the flower bed (let’s be honest, I neglected it this summer so it’s mostly mint and hostas and black-eyed Susans) and thought how nice it was to bury my head in plant and dirt smells, and just hear the buzzing of the bees (and mosquitoes, let’s not paint too rosy of a picture)… Was I hiding in there? Probably.

For some shameless self-promotion, this illustration is also available on a mug that I put up for sale on Wednesday… You can find it here if you’d like one: https://www.zazzle.com/z/l9ld2?rf=238904129308403026