Stuck on the Porch


It would be so simple to just stay on my porch some days. While sipping coffee I watch my neighbors leave for the day, or maybe they are just meeting friends for breakfast. I watch cars speed down the street, it bypasses the main road, and the drivers probably feel like it’s worth those extra 10 seconds that they gain in their commute. I check my Instagram feed and Facebook and marvel at everything my friends have accomplished since I last looked.

It feels cozy and safe sitting on the porch by myself. Partially hidden by flowers. The hummingbirds usually visit the feeder a few times, and the bumblebees bump around in the Hosta. This morning especially seemed like a Hiccup, a moment where I felt unsure of where I fit in Out There. I knew on the porch I could stay unnoticed, no one would ask anything of me, I wouldn’t have to worry about what was happening in other people’s brains… I wondered how long I could fly under the radar before someone wondered where I was.

Instead, I headed inside and started work. A few hours later I rallied to put on my public face and headed out to the post office and for more coffee at a new cafe in town. As usual, I survived, but it still felt good to get back home. I’m just rambling right now… time to get back to work :-)