It’s interesting being around friends who never knew Lyttle (or Barbara!). I miss talking with Barbara whenever something exciting happens in my life. But I miss Lyttle in the quiet times. When I feel overwhelmed, I remember how Lyttle would remind me that life should be simple. When I feel my jaw clenching up, I remember how Lyttle would make me laugh. He was the reason I went for walks, no matter how cold it was out. Even when he was blind he reminded me to really see things.


I was thinking of him a lot this evening, he would have really liked my woodstove. He would have tripped over the little inclines in and out of the rooms here. And he would have grumbled at the bottom of the stairs every morning while waiting for breakfast.


I found the list I wrote after he died. When he was dreaming, and his feet would twitch, I wondered if he had sight in his dreams. I hope so. He was a good teacher. I have his name tag on my backpack, I like to think his adventurous, stubborn, and grouchy spirit is along for the ride.