Running away and coming back

Last Friday I made a whirlwind trip to a small town in NY where I have some friends... Susan had been reminding me that I said I would visit once she had moved, and after chatting with me over the last two weeks her encouragement grew a little more forceful... so I decided to run away for 36 hours. It's a little over a 3 hour drive, perfect for my playlist and about all the time my butt can handle sitting. There was a reunion at her place punctuated by lots of swear words and a few tears as we got caught up, then a raucous dinner at an Italian restaurant with one more friend... a wonderful breakfast the next morning at a friend's farm, with lots of light and heavy discussion... and back on the road to home in the afternoon. Returning to Hardwick felt good. I am still grieving for Sara. I still pass her house and in my head are the words "she's gone." But being away cleared some cobwebs, and I'd like to think she would be cheering me on to have more spontaneous adventures, and to stay close to the people that have come across my path.

Today I finally mailed packages out, cards and prints, with apologies to all for the delay. Even simple tasks seemed difficult the last few weeks. I'm slowly getting caught up today on projects, and it feels good.

I hope you are all enjoying the day, and have a good week planned ahead  :-)