I've reached the point where my brain can't keep up with all the emotions and daily distractions and schedules and promises. This morning I felt relatively on top of things, I promised the porcupine it was going to be an Amazing Day. I had a work-list, an art-list, and an end of day let's-finally-clean-up-the-apartment list. I made plans to run away for a visit with friends at the end of the week. Then Life Happened, as it's apt to do. I tried to stay focused on work. Then I muddled through walking to the post office. And slogged through more work. And then decided the time had come to Take Myself for a Walk. Behind my place is wooded area called Hardwick Trails (not too inventive, but accurate). My friend Sara and I went up there so her dog could bounce around and chase squirrels and we could chatter away for an hour or two without seeing another person. There's the really steep hill we always took breaks on because neither one of us could talk and walk up it without hyperventilating. The area with the sweet smelling ferns. The swimming holes for Roxy to cool off in. Various berries to pick and share.

Every time we went Sara would ask where I wanted to go, and I would laugh, and say I'd follow her... and tell her how I would get completely lost if I ever walked up there by myself.

Guess what happened today? ... I did finally find my way back, though. Thanks, Sara.