In the Moment

twirl I started reading a book (to be honest, I don't think it's very good, but... whatever) called "The Practical Neuroscience of Buddha's Brain" (it's not as heavy as it sounds, AT ALL)... but what I like about it is that it explains how, by consciously focusing on "good" moments, we are actually laying down a neural path that we can refer back to. If we let these moments slip by without noting them, it's harder to access these happy memories when we need to be lifted up.

I'm trying hard to to do this more and more. Step back and pause and actually say to myself "This is a Good Moment." Archive it and Index it. Something that I can find again when my anxious nature starts snowballing. It seems to be working. I've pulled myself out of some downward spirals recently, and stopped myself from making assumptions and panicking... maybe there is something to this whole "being present" thing after all.

On another topic, when I turned the page in my planner to August there was note saying "Start Advent Calendar" -- hoooo-boy. Guess I need to kick my creative side in the butt soon.