Bellydancing Sheep and My Comfort Zone

It doesn't take much for me to reach the end of my comfort zone: Meeting new people. Doing anything remotely sports related (including playing frisbee or, heavens forbid, darts). Driving in more than two lanes of traffic. The idea of wearing make-up. Or high heels. Time to add to that list: doing creative work for friends. I get too caught up in my "people pleasing" head space, which never ends well. I've read that as an artist, and in general, it's good to get out of our comfort zones, and that one needs to do that to grow. So far this weekend I have hung out with new people, used a chop saw, learned the proper technique for throwing pieces of wood to someone who is working on their roof (without giving them a black eye or breaking any windows), AND that I *really* need to start drawing more, more, more... and drawing more than what I am comfortable drawing.

Jon Katz asked me to work on his logo for his redesigned blog. I agreed to work up a few sketches, and then totally froze... he's very honest about what's working and what's not and we seem to be moving forward with some characters I drew last year, while visiting his and Maria's farm, where they had belly dancers performing (so amazing!)... I think belly dancing sheep might work for him, and they should be my new mascots for pushing through my comfort zone  :-)