apartment I've always been good at settling into new environments, maybe because of visiting family a lot as a kid, then moving often as an adult... and I was a natural when taking on multiple weeks of house and pet-sitting... I can set up the basics pretty quickly, and stake a claim, I can sleep peacefully pretty much anywhere.

So, while I'm settling in, the past two weeks though have been a challenge. There's been an emotional break from my old home: a place and a person... a professional break from the office I used to keep in town... mental juggling of what will fit in my new apartment and what will go into storage.... I'm trying to make conscious choices about what my new Home will contain, nothing that makes me feel guilty... nothing that drains me.... nothing that no longer fits (goodbye pretty dress that I have NEVER worn in public and never will!)... and personally, figuring out Who Lives In This Home.  I know it's still me, but it's a version of me that I think I have only just gotten comfortable being. I'm excited to be her.

I treasure each of the gifts that are filling my space, these are in the nooks and crannies, amid boxes and chaos, reminding me to smile.