Getting Outside

I can't explain how good it felt to get outside for a decent woodswalk today. First I tried to  walk in the field across the road, I hadn't really attempted it since it flooded and froze. It was not fun, and I turned around after investigating the ice shelf where the field seemed to "buckle" — and while I wouldn't have fallen in a raging river — a twisted ankle or a sliced leg seemed a possibility so I carefully made my way back. A deer and I spotted each other and stared for a while. I whispered it was okay, I was heading home, and she settled down. I think walking on this ice has been pretty exhausting for the local herd.

Then I headed into the woods, following the stream. My camera and I disagreed about what settings to use for shooting ice and snow against a dark stream, so I didn't get as many photos as I hoped. But it was so nice being out there, and just BEING. Many deep breathes later I wandered along home. I did try and creep out into the middle of the stream to take some photos, but decided my Mom would kill me if I fell in stream and drowned so I moved back to the bank.

One cool bit of nature, a self-made snow roll. It reminded me of a hag stone. I looked through it and nothing looked any different, so I assume that means I already have fairy sight :-)