I walk in the fields across the road as often as I can. It's not posted, it's flat, and I get to see woods and waterways as well as the field, it's wonderful. I've seen a bald eagle, mink, snapping turtle, coyote, as well my juvenile delinquent heron and various geese and ducks. Yesterday I took a friend out there, and since there was snow on the ground we could easily see tire tracks and footprints. I was curious, since I had seen a pickup cruising around the fields for a while now. Sure enough, traps. At least two of them are (as I have learned from reading the VT Fish & Game website) body-hold traps, I'm guessing for muskrat—I had seen trails leading in and out of the cornfield into the river. There is a trap submerged in water I'm not sure about, but it's near the base of the trees I've seen the mink at. I'm really bummed out that my walks now need (for my own peace of mind) to include checking the traps and making sure something isn't suffering. I have my doubts about the landowner checking them daily.