Learning Curve: Craft Fairs!

I appreciate craft vendors SO MUCH MORE now that my second fair has passed! This is a lot of work! swanton-fair

On Saturday my friend Carolyn and I hit the road at 7:30 in the morning and headed up to Swanton, VT for the Swanton Arts Spectacular. We had practiced setting up our borrowed tent only once... and it had taken a few hours, lots of laughing, and promises of pinched fingers if we weren't paying attention. All we hoped was that it wouldn't be raining when we got to the venue...

Not only was it not raining but we had a fantastic jewelry vendor next to us who helped with the tent (it was up in no time... we were both stunned)! We had pre-cut some greenhouse plastic (and said a quick prayerful thank you to mutual friend Barbara) and quickly wrapped the booth to ward off the drizzle... and we were up and running!

Great space, with a view of the gazebo and musicians; family and friends and strangers and lots of laughter, and enough sales to cover the booth and a piece of jewelry from next door, and some change in the pocket. It's so interesting watching people react to the offerings, I love that moment when they realize that my cards are... well... funny! Grumpy Holiday Toad made LOTS of people laugh, and that just made me smile from ear to ear  :-)  and a few folks bought Namaslime cards and one even took the time to  explain that slugs carry important spiritual medicine!

I'm starting to get energized again, and will be updating my notecards as well as what products are available from my Zazzle store -- and putting pen to paper to get all my muses out of my brain!