Note to self... read own cards...

web-time-cr Because my brain wasn't fried enough from reading the news, I decided it was time to make some decisions about how and where to sell online. I'd been hemming and hawing about what I wanted to handle, and tried to be realistic about how much time I want to spend on packaging and shipping versus having my free time to actually make art.

Having time to make art won out. Except for the notecards, I love handling those!

So, this will be announced more formally on here in a few days, but I am opening a "store" on Zazzle, where I had already been printing stickers, my snail stamp, and now grocery tote bags! My mugs will also be available there (folks who had placed orders and waited patiently, you should see packages a week or so from today!), as well as several designs on bags and magnets. Feel free to ask about having illustrations on other items!

I'm still setting up products, but you can take a look by clicking here!