Uncoordinated Mourning Dove

It felt like Spring both yesterday and today, sunshine and rain! Hooray! My work load has started to shift and balance out, which is giving me a little flexibility in balancing out the rest of my life. I feel like I have been running flat out for a while now, and today finally seemed... manageable. It's a good feeling. My home office window faces the woods, and usually there isn't much bird activity since our feeders are all in the front yard. I was happily working and suddenly there was something flapping in my window! A morning dove hovered outside (well, hovered is a generous way to put it. There was lots of flapping and it sort of stayed within the same 2 foot area. I think Mourning Doves aren't exactly coordinated. Or maybe it's just the ones that hang out here. Uncoordinated Mourning Dove would be a great character to illustrate.)

Wow. Did I digress there or what?

Anyway, this dove just flapped around for a bit, looking right at me, and then circled around the house. Then I noticed a second one in a nearby tree and THAT one flew over and did the same thing! Neither hit the window, they both just seemed to be peeking in at me.

Because I take everything as "a sign" (EVERY-thing) (yes, it can be annoying) I looked up doves. Dove is linked with Heart Chakra, so, hey, why not, I'll work with that! Tonight after work I sat for a while and painted up my own little mourning dove. She looks like she's willing to keep an eye on me for a while.


In other local bird news, all this rain is creating a muddy mess in the yard, with flooding on the way. The robins are straggling in (although I've read some overwinter? Hello, climate change.) and they were looking particularly fed up with the goopy lawn.


I'll get back to my insect alphabet at some point. I was stuck on "Q" and it seems it will be a Queen-something since I can't find anyone that starts with "Q"... any hints?