dots Recently in a creative group I belong to, the subject of love came up, and we were encouraged to express what it means, and what we love, people, animals, things... I wanted to chime in but couldn't put my finger really on what I wanted to say.

Today I was catching up on the Art Marks challenge (I am posting all my images on Instagram, I'm still not sure how that whole thing works, but, whatever...) and the prompt was "Simple." Two thoughts collided, a connect-the-dots image and love. So this really IS a simple image but it made sense to me also in how you can grow to love someone, something, someplace. It's not always instantaneous like "I LOVE this sweater" or "I LOVE this song." Sometime it sneaks up on you, and I don't mean that just in a romantic sense.

I guess if I were to talk about love, and what, who, where I love, it would come down to this: I think about how I would feel if I lost them. People, things, animals, places... there are some that if I lost them, I would feel absolutely bereft. Because I love them.

If only lost a few things I've loved in my life. I'm pretty lucky so far. Family, a friend, some Very Good Dogs, and some rather dear cats, and a few special goldfish. A scarf. An earring. A few places that I will probably never be able to visit again.

I'm really just babbling here, and lost in my thoughts about so many things. I just hope you all have someone, something, some place, that you hold close to your heart.