Fighting off a cold

The cold hit rather suddenly yesterday, and since I have plans for Saturday I tried to hit back with an equal and opposite response. So far I am keeping it at bay with homeopathics, tea, and lots of kleenex. The prompt for Day #5 of the Art Marks challenge was "more than one"... 05

Trust me. There is way "more than one" kleenex in my garbage pail. Today was the first day that I felt like I was understanding gouache, the way it mushes together if you want or allows you to layer. I'm still trying the 15-minute time limit on these, I like not having time to re-do anything, or over think it.

notecardsToday I also folded some sample notecards, small, A1 size, which I like for sending out quick notes to folks. Getting the card and envelope into the plastic holder (Eco-friendly! Score!) is going to be my nemesis. Hopefully I'll continue to sell these at our local bookstore (Ebenezer Books) and figure out the best way to offer them through this site. One thing at a time.

I'll have to update my work projects page soon, I wrapped up a few catalog supplements, and worked on some pretty cool titles with Chelsea Green Publishing recently, including Letter to a Young Farmer, The Greenhouse and Hoophouse Grower's Handbook, and the Rules for Revolutionaries ebook.

Feels like I am just rambling on here. I think what is really on my mind is tomorrow's inauguration, and feeling fairly helpless watching events unfold. I made this little banner the day before the election. Still appropriate.