December 13th... Full Moon!

13 Full moon tonight! I am a little bummed out that I only spied an owl around the house once last month... and no more... I haven't even heard her when heading out for the last call of nature with the Dog. Sigh. All I can think of is that the neighbors cats are keeping the rodent population down in the area (oh, well, and the red-tailed hawl across the road!).

Let's see. Holiday check-list! Tree still only has lights on it. Some internet-purchased gifts showed up today (hooray!). No cookies made yet, but I have plans. A few cards have made it out the door. A few cards have made it IN the door (hooray!). We have maybe 4 inches of snow, which is plenty for me. Festive enough. And my health seems to have rallied, so I feel like I can actually mean it when I say "Fine!" if someone asks how I am doing.

All in all, especially considering that I am still keeping up with news headlines, I'd say December is staying fairly mellow for me. I hope all of you are hanging in there as well! If you can, go out and catch a glimpse of the moon tonight...