Happy December 11th!

11 I love the idea of stockings hanging out in the woods. These little stockings remind me of one of my FAVORITE Christmas books (and, ahem, I just started unpacking holiday goodies today and I found it!!): A Christmas Party pictures by Cyndy Szekeres / poem by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey. Go find it. Then buy some of those coffee nut M&Ms and get cozy. It's lovely.


In the meantime, I hope you all have stockings to hang, and you know what, if you don't have anyone to fill it — fill it yourself. The season of giving isn't just giving to others, it's giving to yourself. If you know that no one is going to get you that little something that you've been eyeing for the last few months... get it, wrap it, and drop it in. Or, if you need some words of kindness for yourself... Write 'em down! Write a bunch down! Write down everything you want to do in 2017. Start now, and you'll forget by Christmas morning what you said, and BOOM what a pleasant surprise with your coffee as you pull them out.

And PS... Happy Birthday, Mom!!