It's December 2nd!

02Not much has changed on the holiday check-list from yesterday. But today's image is a Christmas Cactus, which made me think of my Mom's ridiculously happy blooming cactus vs my happy  but-not-really-blooming one. Mine is on the left. One bloom. Mom's is on the right. RIDICULOUS. Side by side comparison makes me pout. cactus-800px

Which made me think about how many times I compare myself to others this time of year. How many kinds of cookies did I make? When did I mail cards out? How nicely wrapped are my presents? And are they homemade presents? Is the cashier looking at me funny because I didn't put change in the local cause donation jar like the customer in front of me? Even though I know these are silly thoughts, it still takes up some of my energy—wondering if I should try harder to be more creative/diligent/timely.

This thinking pattern is part of what makes Me "me" and I try to accept it and laugh at it... but I thought it was a good time to remind any of you whose thoughts wander down that same path of something important: You're doing fine.