banner I love brainstorming, I had it as a service on my business card for a while because it seems like clients appreciate my approach of putting all the ideas out there — even if you know it's Bad, because I think you need something to throw away to truly appreciate what's Good.

Some of my friends have been subjected to this approach when they ask my opinion about a decision... I can make a list of  Best Case to Worst Case like no one else. I'm yet to figure out how to market this.

Anyway, I brainstormed my own list of creative projects to get done for the holidays... and managed to whittle it down to TWO, because lo and behold maybe I have finally figured out that 3 weeks in December fly by much faster than in any other month (except May, it seems like May goes by pretty quickly too)... and today I actually FINISHED one of them. There were no outtakes, no second tries, it just had to get done. And I might have even giggled to myself a few times.

Oh, what is the project? You'll have to wait until Thursday to see...