Comfort Zone

ants-copyI had no intentions of writing much on this site, I just wanted a place to put my sketches, maybe include a little nature-based info. But things change, and I feel like I need to add a few words.

If you are watching social media or the news you know that right now there is a movement to wear a safety pin to indicate you are a safe person: you are someone that people who are vulnerable can feel safe with.

I'm not wearing a pin. There, I said it. Actually, I usually have safety pins on my backpack straps, and occasionally zippers, so I am thankful the safety pin hasn't been chosen as the emblem of something Horrible.

I'd like to think that instead of wearing a pin, I am making more of statement by smiling, by listening, by paying attention to what's going on around me, making eye contact and letting people know "I see you. I'm aware of you. I'm aware of what's around us." People may not notice a safety pin hanging off my zipper, but they will notice that I hold the door for them, that I scootch over a little so there is some extra room for them in the line for coffee, that I frown at the person on the cell phone that starts crowding us, that I offer an extra hand if they are carrying something heavy. Ask someone if they are okay if it looks like they aren't, when you ask "How are you doing?" — mean it, and listen to the answer.

I know it's not that easy. This isn't a judgement post, I simply don't want to spend too much time discussing who is or isn't wearing a safety pin and why. Talk to people. Acknowledge people. Let them know you are a Good Person. Don't make them have to scrutinize you searching for a sign — because chances are some day you'll forget to wear the piece of clothing you've pinned it on.