Sometimes there's just me.

Sometimes I look back on my day and it’s all about what to sketch: Bunny and Porcupine, or maybe snarky little birds, or spiders just trying to fit in… Sometimes my memory of the day is all about the people I interacted with: Did I annoy them? Did they figure out their dilemma? Are they feeling better? Should I email them tomorrow? Sometimes the day goes by and at the end of it I have no thoughts at all. I’m not even sure what I did all day. Did I work? I must have. Did I go outside? I hope so.

However, sometimes I reach the end of my day and I’m just me. In my moment. No reminiscing. Still drawing bunnies but there’s nothing in my head but a flow of crazy feelings and words that I can’t seem to put on paper.

That’s me tonight. Fortunate enough to have a comfy couch under me, and cozy fire in the stove keeping me warm. I think I crossed enough off my To-Do List that I can feel accomplished, but don’t ask me what I did today.