Being Honest with Myself

I had to have a serious discussion with the muses about the creative energy I have available these days. Which is not a lot. I’ve mentioned it fairly often all summer… and fall… and now into winter… it just feels that whenever I get back on my feet emotionally and energetically, something else happens and I find myself staring at my sketchbook and, well, drawing a blank.

This means I am having to make a hard decision regarding holiday cards… I just don’t see me finishing the art, printing and packaging, and fulfilling orders in a reasonable amount of time. If something shifts in the next week or two, I will definitely update here… but for now, it’s looking like there will be no In My Nature holiday cards for sale.

However, I am working on my online Advent calendar, counting down to Christmas, and I hope you all follow along! I’ve enjoyed these “calendars” over the last few years, I’m looking forward to blogging everyday again.. and am working on making art an important part of my day-to-day to life once more.

I hope you all enjoyed some food and family and friends this past week! Take care out there!