Learning Curves can bite my . . . well . . .

Slowly, ever so slowly, things are coming together here. The SHOP is open! I will be adding some more notecards during the week, and hope to have a place for originals and prints for sale as well.

In the header above you’ll see an ABOUT page and a CONTACT form, feel free to reach out to me with any questions about self-publishing your book, or questions about art :-) or just to say hi!

The last piece of the puzzle will be figuring out the RSS feed and how best to update everyone when there is a new post (if they want to be updated that is!). . . I had a glitch this past weekend so apologies to anyone who received a weird email from MailChimp.

This upcoming weekend I’ll be at the Bedlam Farm Open House (click through to Full Moon Fiber Arts!) in Cambridge, NY — along with some original art and notecards for sale! If you are in the area, you should check it out. Good people, sheep, dogs, donkeys, art, what’s not to like?

Hello? Anyone out there?


It shouldn’t be too obvious to my readers, but this blog is now being hosted on Squarespace… which means that soon, I’ll have my shop open and stocked with cards, complete with a shopping cart for easier mixing and matching of designs! I’d love to hear from folks, especially if you were following me on Wordpress, to find out if you are still receiving updates…. PHEW! Repeat after me “change is good”… quickly followed by “ohmygod I hate learning curves…” :-) Carry on with your weekend…